i had a premie we had no help. So im putting up anything that i would have loved!

Prepared meals in the fridge or freezer.
Cleaner for the house.
Lite and easy for a fortnight (if unable to cook).
Lip balm my lips got awfully cracked inside the hospital.
A friend to visit ( didn’t have one) i probably wouldn’t have left baby’s side to go eat something, but just having someone visit. Tip bring some food with you, to share with mum. I was starving but wouldn’t leave baby’s side. I didn’t see too many hospital meals. I was in special care nursery when meals were delivered, they were collected un-eaten.
Nice shower gel, find out what smells mum likes. I couldnt breast feed nor get anything out so perfumes on my nipples wasn’t an issue.

For baby i would have appreciated something as simple as a pink premie hat. Someone got my daughter a blue one i wasn’t impressed. Small i know.

Gaia baby products.