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    Default alternatives to the contraceptive pill??

    Ive been on the pill give or take a few years while pregnant and breastfeeding for almost 20 years now. Im 36 and even tho my dr said i was ok to stay on it ( non smoker no history of DVT and blood clots etc) i would still like to give my body a break. I had a scare where they thought i had a blood clot in my leg but there wasnt but obviously the pill puts you at a higher risk so its scared me off the pill a bit. Ive never tried any other contraceptive and hubby and i arent 100% that we dont want any more kids yet (hes only 30) so dont want to go the vasectomy route as yet. Any advice or recommendations on contraceptives appreciated? Just unsure where to go from here. You hear so many horror stories with contraceptives and want to be fully armed with as much knowledge as possible to avoid any major issues Thanks

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    I'm curious about this as well

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    Default alternatives to the contraceptive pill??

    @SoThisIsLove you could try the implanon implant which is progesterone only - quick, cheap and easy to insert and remove. If you're sensitive to progesterone only formulations it might not suit but the advantage is being able to get it out and back to normal quickly. Many of the risks from the pill are from the combined oestrogen-progesterone formulation so a progesterone only option avoids some of the risks (progesterone only pills though are less reliable than combined preparations so the implant, IUD or injection are preferred for reliability).
    There is the hormonal IUD (mirena) and non-hormonal (copper iud). These are for more long-term contraception though (5ish years) and more invasive for insertion and removal.
    There's also progesterone injections 3-monthly but the disadvantage is that once it's in your system you can't reverse the effects. I am personally not a fan of progesterone only preparations as I have pcos and progesterone exacerbates acne and affects my mood negatively but many people find it fine and often reduces/stops menstrual bleeding.
    If you prefer completely non-hormonal then options are really limited to condoms or a diaphragm. If you'd like to consider a diaphragm I would strongly suggest getting professionally fitted through SHine SA sexual health services to make sure it fits properly as there is only a 'one size fits all' model available in Australia. Diaphragms are less reliable than condoms or hormonal contraceptives so I would only use if you're not completely against an 'oopsie' baby. For more info about diaphragms in SA and Shine's services:
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