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    Default CVS experience

    I promised myself id write the review of my experience with CVS especially as it was a positive one.

    Prior to my CVS i was terrified and googled a lot of reviews and experiences .. some were horrific some not so. It made me really nervous.

    I got referred to Dr Andrew Ngu and was told her was the best in Victoria. He has extensive experience and also trains others on the procedure all over Australia. He was awesome.

    As soon as I went in, he did a quick ultrasound to see the baby, we heard the heartbeat. I then closed my eyes and he numbed me. I felt no pain being numbed. Then he inserted the bigger needle and i didnt really feel much of a prick then either. I felt no weird sensations or pain and it was over quickly. I felt more pain in other areas of my body due to being so incredibly tense during the procedure.

    After he scanned the baby and we heard the heart beat again.

    I was then sent into a room to rest for 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes i had a fair bit of cramping. The nurses said that this was normal and that the kind of warning cramps they look for are unbearably painful.. as in you cant talk from pain. I was still nervous as i felt light headed and crampy.. so 20 mins later dr Andrew Scanned me AGAIN to set my mind at ease and told me that he is certain that nothing will happen as a result of this cvs procedure because it was so straight forward

    I was so thankful he scanned me again.

    I popped two pain killers and went home. That night i did feel cramping but mostly only when moving. I took it easy for 2-3 days after that and mostly lounged on the couch.

    Over all the experience was much better then i had expected and had i not had such grim expectations it probably would have been even easier.

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    @Simil I had one a few years ago and my experience was almost identical. I rested in the room where the procedure took place so didn't move at all for 20minutes after. My cvs was abdominal due to the placenta position, some are transvaginal. I also researched my specialist beforehand. My situation didn't end well but it had nothing to do with the procedure. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with results.

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