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    Default Manchester.

    Some hard truths.

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    Bang on. He talks about our unwillingness to tackle this ideology (Islam) and call the actions of the bomber for what it is - the actions of a muslim who believes what he is doing is right.

    He says that the refusal to address this is borne by ignorance, political correctness and denial. I agree. One need only look at Margaret Court and what happened to her when she uttered her opinion this week in relation to gay marriage - which happened to go against the politically correct version of what she "should" have said.

    He is also bang on when he mentions how people are truly radicalized. He takes the blame off of ISIS and places it squarely on elements of the community, namely Sheiks and Imams who explain things like this away. We are then buried under a cloud of unknowing and think well they're the good guys they're not going to hurt us.

    Thing is, they will. They are. Walls going up at swimming pools, carols being pushed out of schools, introduction of Sharia courts, being forced to have the "Islam is a feminist religion" shoved down our throats because the deliverer of the message happened to be a media personality while her ties to a militant group were swept under her magic carpet. We are witnessing the slow dilution of what was normal in our society to make way for the new normal in the guise of "diversity". And we are being told to like it by the likes of ABC and SBS or be pilloried. And we put up with it!!!

    That's why s.hit like this is happening. And will continue to happen. And yes it is high time we all get off social media with our weeping platitudes, stand up and actually do something about this growing scourge.
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