Hi ladies I am hoping that someone can help me interpret my chart. This is my 4th month ttc. I have a consistent 12 day lp.
This month I had +opk on CD10 (a week earlier than expected, and had enough of a BBT rise for ff to confirm ovulation that day. But the initial rise was lower than usual (only rose to 36.4 rather than usual 36.6) and then I had fertile CM a few days later (but with -opk). After I recorded the fertile CM, FF changed my solid crosshairs to dotted ones.
FF says I am now 14dpo so based on my usual lp I am 2 days late. Temp higher last 2 days but BFN at 12dpo and today.
Is it possible I ovulated later than FF thinks? I thought CD13 also looks a bit like O so then I would be only 11dpo today and AF due on Sunday. But then why the -opks?

A couple of cycles ago when I got a +opk it out to be about 5 days before ovulation. So confusing!

I know some of my temps have open circles but they have all been recorded upon first waking and all at close to the same time (not close enough for FF though it seems!)

I've included a link to my chart: https://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/6a5bb9

Thanks! Xxx