I am a 26 year old male who has been battling low testosterone for the past 3-4 years. For the first year Dr's could not work out why my energy levels were so however after a multitude of bloodwork was taken over approx 1 year it was determined that I suffered from low testosterone so was referred to an Endocrinologist who put me on TRT and also completed a scan on my pituitory gland in which came back clear from tumors. While my energy and libido levels drastically improved we were concerned that this would impact my fertility so I was put on clomid every other day for approximately 4-6 months in which during that time I undertook a sperm test and came back with 330 Million per 1ml and above average in all the other counts. We were successful in conceiving last year however had a molar pregnancy so unfortunately lost the child in which was devastating to both of us.
During the wait period for my wife’s pregnancy hormones to drop to acceptable levels for 6 months I was removed from TRT to see if I could again create sufficient testosterone production however my levels dropped drastically. In addition to this due to the devastation this caused I started heavy drinking for about 5 months, before realising self medicating was not the answer and cutting down to the occasional drink.
Once we gained the green light to try again I my libido was extremely low so approached the Endocrinologist to be put back on clomid however my Endocrinologist had since found out he was no longer allowed to prescribe this medication due to it being based on fertility and not treatment of hormones. We decided to go back on TRT due to my high test numbers there was little risk of impacting fertility. During this period I was also diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus- an issue relating to the production of hormones via the pituitary gland and was put on Minirin nasal spray twice daily to reduce the side effects of the disease.
After trying for over 6 months without success I went to the doctor to get another check of sperm and received the shock of my life advising that my sperm count was 0. At the time I couldn’t believe it and got two more tests completed and the same result. As soon as I told my Endocrinologist he advised that I should cease TRT immediately and put me on HcG 1500UI twice a week due to the known pituitary disorder and the positive side effect of mimicking LH, in which would promote natural testosterone production thus causing a “jumpstart” on sperm production. I have also had scans on my testes and no obstructions or V veins were detected.
I have been on HcG injections since the 28th March and have cut down my drinking to on average less than 1 standard drink per week for over 3 months now, and only during social outings.
We are desperate for children and have read many articles with different results and would love to hear some success stories from people going through something similar.