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    Default New mum question.

    Hi ladies sorry I know I have posted alot of these but I have one more question. My 9 week old DD has developed a bit of a flat head at the back. We have her upright tummy time on us and floor a lot when shes awake, but her head os still rather flat... just wondering will this correct as she gets up right in the coming months? Is it something I should be seeing physio/ dr about?
    She is really strong and has a strong neck, & is nearly rolling. But just wondering if will self correct once shes up a bit more?

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    my ds developed a flat spot on the right side of his head as he'd always favour that side whilst sleeping. nothing worked to make him change sides until we saw the osteo who confirmed his neck was tight and did some gentle massage to loosen it up. he improved drastically after that.

    none of that will help you though if it's the actual back of her head as opposed to favouring one side though.

    you can get a gp to take a look but ours just said it's something that corrects itself once they become more upright and stop spending so much time on their backs. tummy time is really all you can do at this young age.

    they will only get concerned and take action if the flat head is pushing their facial features out of alignment.

    ds' head improved once he started sitting up etc. if you look closely however, his right side is still a bit flatter than the left, but it's not noticeable and hasn't had any effect on his appearance.

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    DD was flat on one side, we got referred to the free children's physio through our child health nurse. Have you had your 8 week check with the nurse yet? They specifically are supposed to check for flat spots on bubs head & refer if necessary.
    We also saw an osteopath. After doing the exercises the physio gave us her head is now fine at 3 years old.


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