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    Default Cancelled ivf due to early ovulation

    Has anyone ovulated whilst on stims? After a miscarriage?

    I had a miscarriage in march then waited for the next period after the miscarriage before I start my stims on day 2 and organlutran on day 6. My first scan and blood on Day 9 showed few tiny follicles but turned out blood indicated I already ovulated. Next cycle I am to start organlutran earlier.

    I'm thinking how much time passed from a miscarriage and I still can't start a cycle. It's now 15 days passed my scan - day 24 - and my next period still not here yet. Doesn't period start 14 days after ovulation?

    Any similar stories? I've no idea what's going on. Hormones messed up from miscarriage I think .. but anything else?

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    Default Cancelled cycle for low oedtrogen level

    I have cancelled cycle too. And There is only 1 very small follicle there and I have been told that oestrogen level is also very low,  so we will have to cancel the cycle unfortunately.

    I have to stop the injections and make an appt to see Dr specialists.

    It was my 2nd attempts the first one looks better than 2nd. Looks like the medications doesn't agree with me. Messive headache and discomfort.
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