Hey, my partner and I are ttc our first so are new to it all. I have been using OPK for a few months without success, and was under the impression that when you get your "peak" fertility day that you should do the deed on that day. I thought I would share as something interesting happened. (apolgies if a bit boring). I had some EWCM on day 9. I got my peak on day 12 of my cycle then had an ultrasound on the day 14 and I hadn't yet ovulated. This was my first month doing my BBT so I am not that skilled with it but it did increase on day 18 which I'm pretty sure means I didn't ovulate until approximately day 16/17. If this is accurate I am assuming that going by the OPK my partner and I might have been trying too early in my cycle. has anybody had any similar experiences using OPK? as I said we are new to this and feeling a bit stressed about it all.