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    Default GD and Metformin

    Hi all,

    I was diagnosed with GD when I was 14 weeks pregnant and it has been controlled by diet since then. I had a scan last week at 32 weeks and was told baby was a bit big (measuring 2 weeks ahead), but when I went to my midwife appointment the following day, was told that a Dr had reviewed my scan and wasn't concerned about babies size. His estimated weight was in the 74th percentile and his measurements in the 90th percentile and they said that was ok.
    I got a call this afternoon from the hospital to say that a different Dr has reviewed my scan and this weeks BGL and have decided I need to go on a low dose of metformin. My sugar levels are all around 6-7 an hour after levels, higher end of normal but not ever over the 7.4 cut off.
    I know metformin is safe to take during pregnancy but I am wondering what it actually does for the baby.
    I can't seem to find an answer online, it's all either other parenting forums or generalised studies that all seem to be based on women with PCOS and have been taking metformin since before they got pregnant......
    Anyone been put on it this late into their pregnancy and know what it actually does??

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    Hi, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and taking metformin. About a year ago I had a GTT where I got the glucose intolerance result and my GP told me that I'll likely get GD when I get pregnant. My FS then put me on metformin and I took it through my IVF cycles. I've been on it since although I was one of those people who badly reacted to it. I lost a lot of weight as I had constant nausea, upset stomach, suppressed appetite. So my doctor halved the dose and I'm on since. I take 850mg per day. Hope this helps


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