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    Default Starting FSH Injections on Day 4 of Cycle?

    Freaking out has offically set in.

    Went into the centre yesterday to confirm that our first IVF cycle didn't take, and talked about cycle 2. Apparently they usually have a month break between stim cycles, but agreed to let me go straight back into it.
    The problem was it was both Monday (they try to start injection cycles on Wed), and Day 2 of my cycle. We discussed options, one being waiting the month, another being to go on the pill for 12 days, or to just start on Wednesday anyway.
    I've been bleeding since Sunday morning now, and I'll be taking the injections around midnight starting tonight/tomorrow morning.

    Now I'm freaking out that starting late is going to mean it screws up, and there's clearly a reason you start on the first day, and what if everything goes wrong. I have no idea about any of the medical stuff, and clearly no amount of explaination yesterday sunk into my head. I just don't want to screw this up. We've agreed that we'll probably only try one more cycle because the whole TTC thing has been long and hard and exhausting, I don't think I have it in me anymore, but I also can't imagine giving up. I'm losing my damn mind, I swear.

    Are there issues with starting on Day 4, should I call and try to go back to the 12 days on the pill? Or does the medication just sort everything out (I have PCOS so it's not like my body would instantly go into "okay let's get eggs ready mode" by itself, usually).

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    Don't worry about it hun it doesn't matter if you start your injections on day 4. My fs always had me in on day 2 for a lining scan he liked to see it nice and thin before starting the injections again and every time I wasn't ready and the my lining still needed to thin out more so it wasn't until my day 6 scan that I was ready to go and everuthing everything got delayed.

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    Yea I agree with Heyside. I started on day 4 too (period started after failed IUI but couldn't get in to see FS immediately). It worked out fine for me


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