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    Default foreskin - Should I take him to the Dr?

    My son is 5 and still ballooning when he pees. Today he said his penis was hurting at the top and went to show me. He started to try and pull back his foreskin and i noticed when he did he could not retract it at all, i looked closer and i could not even see a hole where the urine would come out. I did see a little red lump and he said it was hurting. No wonder he is ballooning he has a tiny little hope in his foreskin.

    I always wanted to leave the decision of circumcision up to him and i am scared if i take him to a Dr or specialist he will be snip happy and just want to circumcise right away. I read that the foreskin might not retract until a boy is in puberty.

    He has no issue urinating and emptying his penis but the ballooning is pretty significant and now the tip is sore so i think a Dr visit is important.

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    Mine did that for about a year at about the same age, I think what he is describing to you is when the foreskin looses it's attachments to the head of the penis it looks and feels like a lump which eventually comes out and looks like smegma.

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    My little guy has also had an issue, ans I was worried about a 'snip happy' doctor who would jump at the chance to circumcise him. But these days, circumcision isnt done routinely, it's used as a valid medical response to a genuine medical problem. I talked to my gp, who is what you would call low-intervention for any medical procedure, and she said like any surgery, they would explore different options first, adopt a watch and wait process, and then lastly, circumcise if all other avenues were exhausted and the problem persisted. I trust my gp 100%, but if I didnt, I would get a 2nd opinion if I was unsure, and remember that these days, it is just like any other minor surgery, like grommets or tonsils out - it's done if it is deemed that the benefits will outweigh the risks, and only if neccesary. Good luck

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    A dr won't do the snip immediately then and there, he may recommend it, and you can always get a second opinion, so I wouldn't be too worried about that.
    My ds has had a similar problem twice before he could retract, dr prescribed a cream/ointment and it was better within a few days.


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