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    Default Writing resources

    My DD is really struggling with writing at Kindy. I think part of it forms part of her greater struggle with literacy.

    Her teacher noted to me today that it took her 45 minutes for her to just start writing a sentence - which didnt make sense. She wants her to practice getting her thoughts down quicker.

    I think DD is a dreamer and a perfectionist - she wants to get it right so doesnt start at all.

    She is starting to not want to go to school because she doesnt want to write. Does anyone, especially teachers, have any resources that might help her and me encourage her to get her thoughts down quicker.

    To be honest, I think we are all struggling .

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    is it that she has an issue deciding what to write? or actually physically writing the words?

    If you tell her what to write, does she write it?

    If its deciding what to write - the only thing I suggest is practice. Get her to write things. Shopping lists, cards for her friends, a note to the dog ... whatever. Then move to a short story ... 3 sentences kind of things.

    If its actually writing - I bought from somewhere (cant remember where) a cd with the font that the school uses (for us Victorian cursive) ... and it came with dashes as well as text.

    So I could write fun sentences on the computer that came out in dashes for her to trace/copy. She would trace it first, then write it herself underneath ... but fun things ... jokes or personal things

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    I think in the example the teacher brought to my attention, its mainly deciding what to write and how to go about spelling the words.

    But I also think she struggles with actual writing as well. I like the idea of the dashes with something fun underneath. She's hard to motivate sometimes so that would work for her


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