So a little back story.
I miscarried last month on the 20th of April. I was lucky that it was a natural miscarriage and I didn't need medical intervention. Ultrasound on the 24th showed nothing was left inside and my HCG was down to negative by the 28th so doctor gave us the go ahead to start trying straight away.
I was ready and eager to get started that night because I've heard you can be super fertile after a miscarriage but life had other plans and a lot of stress came with it.
Fast forward to today, hubby and I have BD twice and it was just pure chance that we BD on days I had EWCM.
I have been temping but my temps are all over the place with no real steady temps.
I had EWCM on CD15 and 16 and then EWCM on CD25 and 26 (on CD27 today and creamy CM) on CD16 and CD26 my temps rose each time.
Am I looking too much into this or is there something here?
I've read about a second surge of estrogen post ovulation but not to read too into it.
I guess my question is, of the ladies who have had BFPs and delivered healthy bubs did you notice a second dip in temp and EWCM after ovulation (around implantation time)?