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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post

    I bought myself earring to match the necklace I got last year, and gave them to H to give to the kids for me.
    Got woken up with a punch from DD at 6.30 am. Attempted to wake H as he had said I could 'sleep in' and he would get up with her. He mumbled about being tired and DD was getting sh*tty so I got up and gave her breakfast and made myself a coffee.
    Older two got up at 7.30am and gave me hugs (they do every morning) and made themselves brekkie.
    H made an appearance at 8.30am, made himself a coffee and sat down at his laptop.
    At 9 I asked him to take DD so I could shower (again he had said he would do this as it was Mothers Day and usually she comes in with me), he said 'sure'.
    Off I went and next thing DD is screaming at the side to get in, so I call H- nothing- call kids and they tell him and he says 'well she's already there now'. So I strip her and pull her in with me, rush through my shower before she hits the ceiling and wants to get out again.
    Shower, dry and dress in 5 mins, DD screams to get out so turn shower off and get her out and dry and dressed.
    Lay her on bed with milk while I brush my hair and chuck it in a ponytail.

    Tell older two to get dressed as we need to leave in 15 to get to PILs. Tell H to get in the shower, he says 'in a minute'.
    Finally gets in the shower and gets dressed, while I tackle 3 kids and get bags ready, and put MIL's gift in car.

    Myself and kids are in car, it's 10.30 we were supposed to be at MILs at 10... still have to drop a gift to my aunt which is 45 away, so I tell her we will do it after 3 as we are running late, she is cool with that as slept in.

    Get to MILs at 11, she is cranky even after I apologise. She goes off and I calmly say, "speak to your son". He walked in and said Happy Mother's Day to her and then went to watch tv. Still nothing to me.
    Kids then wish me the same in horror. I thank them and give them big hugs.
    We stay until 3pm, H makes an appearance to eat and effs off again.
    On leaving MIL gives me a big hug and apologises and wishes me a good day, and thanks me for the gift (gorgeous orchid arrangement).

    Drop gift at aunt's.

    Home at 5pm. Ask H if he is going to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and he just looks at me and says 'yeah Happy Mother's Day' and goes back to his laptop.
    Take DD to get dinner. Hear kids go into him and ask for my gift to give to me, he says he doesn't know where it is. I have to go get it, put it on their bed and pretend I know nothing about it and make sure they don't see me do it.
    They come out and give me the gift, with a coffee and big hugs. We go out and spend time in the garden.
    DD bath and bed.
    I make dinner for everyone and put laundry on.
    Kids watch tv while I clean up.

    Tuck kids into bed, H comes along for this bit.
    Sit on couch with a coffee and he says "Did you have a good day? Did you like your gift?"
    I looked at him and said "Why was today a special day? What did I get?"
    He couldn't answer- he hadn't even looked at what I handed him.

    So, not only was it a typical Sunday in that he did eff all, it was a supremely disappointing Mother's Day.

    Monday morning DSD came up to me and said "I want to say sorry", I said for what, and she replied, "for my dad. It would have been better if he was at work all day."
    My heart broke.
    actually surprised you're still bothering to stay married to this guy.

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    @DT75 my heart just broke for you reading that. I feel so awful for you. H sounds like a giant d!ck but on the plus side your step daughter sounds beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post

    It was a lot worse until 3 months ago when he started seeing a counsellor.
    It's slow-going but getting there. My go to is "one day DSD will be dating. Do you want her to think this is ok? to be treated this was?" Made him realise a few things.
    I'm sorry you had such a crappy Mother's Day.
    You should turn that question on yourself. Do you think it's ok to be treated this way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lincolns mummy View Post
    I'm sorry you had such a crappy Mother's Day.
    You should turn that question on yourself. Do you think it's ok to be treated this way?
    I already have, which is why he is in counselling.


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