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    Default How can I get 5 month old used to new places and people

    My 5 month old is an absolute chatterbox at home, sings and babbles all day long! He is always smiling and happy! Whenever I take him out, whether it's to the shops or a cafe, he goes dead quiet and just watches intently what's going on around him. After 15-20 minutes he'll slowly start to get playful and relaxes but even if I try make him smile or laugh he often just looks at me with a blank face unless I'm holding him. If we go to a friend's house he will happily be passed around and flash the occasional smile if someone gently and peacefully greets him, but one sudden laugh or loud deep voice (or bearded man) and the bottom lip starts quivering and he bursts out crying.

    At home I'm always using loud appliances and making sudden noises and he'll sometimes jump but usually it's just the initial startle and he's not bothered. Is it likely just his personality or a phase and in time he'll get used to the unfamiliar or should I be making more effort to get him socialising? I take him out for a walk every day and go to the shops and people chat to him and he doesn't mind at all. We also FaceTime my parents and he laughs and chats away so doesn't mind that. I am part of a mums group and we see each other regularly but they're all a bit young still to be playing with each other. He does interact with the other babies if I leave him playing nearby, although if one of them screeches suddenly he freaks out! I always laugh and smile so he picks up from me not to be scared.

    Not sure if I could be doing more or to just let him be. Maybe daycare in a few months will help? We are off to America in a month to visit family and I am so worried he will burst into tears and be terrified of all the strange faces!
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    I don't have anything to suggest; however, my mum always said that I used to look very serious and barely gave others much interaction when I was a baby, yet at home I gave lots of smiles etc. I have never had any social issues. As a baby/young child I was just distant with strangers.

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    All babies are different. My first doesn't like new places or people but my second is happy anywhere and everywhere. They have both been patented the same. Just do your best to make Bub feel secure and comfortable when out and I wouldn't worry about trying to force change of behaviour.


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