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@Simil , I've just read the latest update in your diary.

I can understand your pain and frustration

FWIW I found it hard to determine who was worse - the genetic counsellor or the actual geneticist we saw. The genetic counsellor pulled out an old book with diagrams and explanations along the lines "When a sperm meets an egg, blah blah". Yeah right.

The geneticist we saw was quite triumphant when she showed me photos of children from an online support group for children with my DD's chromosomal disorder. Would have been nice, except I had already contacted them, been referred to leading researcher in the area and sent all of my info off to them. The geneticist also made a really off comment along the lines of "I've never seen a child with X before and I wasn't expecting her to look so normal". She almost sounded disappointed that I hadn't presented her with baby with profound birth defects.

Pregnancy and not knowing exactly what her long term prognosis would be was the absolute worst. I hope you get some news this week.
Thank you SSS.

I hope my experience with the geneticist is better.