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    You had an affair with a questionable person and a pregnancy resulted from it.

    You are asking your husband to accept a child (a permanent reminder) that came from his wife betraying him. Do you actually give a single toss about your husband? How can you put someone in such a position whereby he is forced to choose? Of course he doesn't want to lose his wife and happy family unit, so he's going to accept the affair pregnancy/child.. But let's not beat around the bush and pretend this isn't probably killing him inside.

    You said the affair guy is questionable and his friend sent you death threats? So you're willing to risk this guy coming in and out of your lives and possibly putting your other children at risk, not to mention your husband because you want to make yourself happy by keeping this baby? It shows your priorities.

    There are so many levels of crazy here that I just can't. You cheated on your husband and fell pregnant to another man. He doesn't have to accept this and the fact that he is makes me feel sorry for him. This is not the same as your husband adopting a child as his own, from a previous relationship you had BEFORE you met him. Not. the. same.

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