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    A bit of both - I just put her down when she starts showing tired signs, but at the moment that's always exactly 2hrs after she wakes up (she only sleeps 40mins-a hour each time but sleeps 10 hrs straight overnight)

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybeeno1 View Post
    I put breastmilk in it. Freshly pumped off. Generally around 70ml I think then microwave for 20seconds so it's all mushy. If thats not enough milk a bit of water from the kettle. I crush the weetbix up first. I tried him with almond milk last week and well that didn't go down well. Msged our paed and he said tried some cows milk so I did and he was fine. He's pretty much grown out of his intolerance now

    Easiest way to describe how much he eats. If I let him he would polish off the equivalent of 2 pouches at lunch & dinner but I make everything in bulk and freeze it
    Cool. I haven't tried weetbix yet. What art of foods do you Mae in bulk? I'm so out of ideas!

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    Any veggie you can think of and then I just out what I want for the day and put in his bowl in the fridge so it defrosts.

    Things I cook & freeze, potato, sweet potatoe, broccoli, beans, zucchini, carrot, eggplant (failure), rhubarb, apples, corn, peas, pumpkin.

    Today he will have potato, zucchini, beans, carrot and chicken

    Tried him on a bite of shepherds pie yesterday that didn't go down to well at all. If I forget to take it out the freezers I'll give him a packet for lunch

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