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    Default Another Chemical Pregnancy?

    Hi ladies, this is my first post (so please be gentle)... this is our 4th FET (after 1 failed fresh).. Our first FET was a success (we have a 15 month old son), but since then we've had BFN, a BFP (that was a chemical, so not really a BFP) and now this cycle looks to be another chemical! Today is 10dp5dt and 7 days past my 1500iu Pregnyl booster (we did 5000iu to trigger, then a 5 day transfer, first booster of 1500 was the day before transfer and second was 3 days later!) Soo anyhow, I've tested since 6dp (so 4 days post Pregnyl) and every test has been basically the same! My beta is tomorrow (would normally have been today, but it's Sunday) sooo I figure Pregnyl is allll gone now! So I need to know, it's more than likely that this is another chemical yeah? And also, does 2 chemicals in a row indicate anything? I had stage 4 endo removed before we started IVF, could it be back? I had a lot of pain at Ovulation when we triggered (but I don't ovulate often so maybe it was normal and I'm just not used to it! Lol!) Any advice would be great!
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    Not really sure if its definitely another chemical. I didn't want to read and run. I did read somewhere that late implantation could indicate a possible chemical.. and that ideally you should be getting a BFP between 8-11 DPO..studies show implantation that takes place later has a higher risk of CP.

    Im not sure how it works with IVF or if the embies get weaker through the process and therefore increase risk of chemicals?

    One thing i would do if you havent already is karyotyping.

    What was your lining thickness like at the time of transfer ?


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