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    Default Ellen Barron sleep school

    Hi has anyone been to the Ellen Barron sleep school - my 17month old went through a really bad sleep regression where she was waking constantly and I had to be in the room for her to go back to sleep which is becoming a problem now as I am 6 months pregnant and the thought of getting up to 2 babies at different times is terrifying- now my girl is waking only 3 times a night and I don't want to waste the sleeps schools time if this is not classified as bad.... anyone else been like this or been to the school?

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    My son has always been a terrible sleeper. He did the same about the same age, but also about the same time of my pregnancy. I started sending in DH to deal with DS once a night, then every second time, then every time. I knew I couldn't do both, and sending DH in was the best option. We started doing it before bub arrived to make the transition easier. We also have a trundle bed in DS's room so DH often just sleeps in there.

    I haven't been to Ellen Barron, I've been to a different sleep school that uses the same technique - responsive settling. I didn't like it, it made me anxious and it didn't work for us. Personally I found it close enough to controlled crying to be uncomfortable with it, and my son doesn't protest, he outright screams so it was never going to work. But I know other people have found it helpful.

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    We went to Ellen Barron at around 12months for my daughter who was waking constantly. We actually went twice and she got sick within 24hours of arriving both times so it was a fail for us. Once I got pregnant again I knew I had to do something. What worked for us as well is sending in DH to settle her instead. Of course she was pretty angry it wasn't mum but only took a few nights for her to realise that it was always going to be dad and now she sleeps through most nights. Was harder for me listening to her crying but I had to keep remembering that she was being cuddled by someone who loves her just as much as me.

    The short periods lf time we spent at Ellen Barron were good though and gave me the momentum to at least get her into the cot.


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