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    Question Am i pregnant or just going crazy?

    Hello, I'm a bit lost.
    I'm 20 & on the implanon & have been for 2-2.5 years but i have never experienced this on it. I completely missed my period. It was due 2-3 weeks ago.
    These are my symptoms-
    insatiable hunger
    Cravings for red meat/salt
    Mild headaches
    Nausea (no vomiting)
    Low abdominal pain (like i'm on my period but.. i'm not)
    Frequent urination (holding in pee and feeling like i'm going to pee myself, forced to pee every 30 minutes)
    Worsening of my anxiety & depression
    Mild indigestion (vomiting into my mouth a little bit sometimes)

    -A lot of my symptoms could be a iron deficiency &/or another deficiency
    -I have a history of Urinary/kidney infections & a tilted bladder but have never had to pee this much
    -I have also been feeling clucky out of no where. Normally children are somewhat insufferable to me due to my extreme anxiety. Feel an urge/instinct to take care of a child
    -Not sure if put on a few pound or if there's a baby in there but it pokes out in a way i don't believe it has before & i can't suck it in like i used to be able to. Feels firm under the layer of fat Unsure if just bloated

    My intuition says yes but my logic says no
    I did 2 pregnancy tests 4 days ago both came back negative but i've booked myself into the doctor tomorrow to get bloodwork done (will also be asking to check my iron levels etc.) as i'm a smoker & i worry about what harm i could be doing unknowingly.
    If the implanon is doing all this that thing has got to go!

    Any opinions/wisdom would be greatly appreciated, never had anything like this before

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    Hi Hun, I am going to say it's the implanon. I had the crazy preg symptoms while on implanon. It messes with your body something crazy. It was the worst for me. I'm preg now (off implanon) and the symptoms on the implanon where sooooooo much worse. I have no nausea or anything now.
    I went to the dr and got bloods because I was sooo darn sure I was pregnant. I had maybe 3 periods while on the implanon in just over a year.

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    Could just be the implanon, it can also make periods go away.

    Having said that, I got pregnant with my DD (14 months) on implanon so it is possible.


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