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    6:00 - drag myself out of bed, pull on some clothes and drive husband to work (he doesn't have a license, long story).
    6:30 - go back to bed
    8:00 - alarm goes off. Hit snooze a couple of times. Eventually drag myself back out of bed, throw on clothes and (very basic) makeup
    8:35 - walk to station for 8:45 train
    9:05 - arrive at work (5 mins late), eat breakfast at my desk
    12:45 - lunch break, if I'm motivated, I get changed into my sports gear and go for a walk down on the river (I used to run but pregnancy put an end to that). If I'm not motivated, I try to at least go outside and walk a couple of blocks.
    5:05 - leave work to catch 5:15 train
    5:45 - get home. cook dinner, clean up, do a load of washing, take a shower and then crash on the couch and watch TV.
    9:30/10 - bed

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    Up at 7am on a school/work day, I'm lucky DH gets DS breakfast while I get dressed , he is pretty good at getting himself ready and I pack his lunch in his bag , sometimes I do washing overnight and hang it out before we leave

    We leave home at 8am to drive DS to school , arrive at school at 8.30 and usually chat with the other mums and teachers in the playground until their bell goes at 8.45

    I'm at work just after 9am , usually make breakfast at work or grab something from the cafe next door
    Works different every day depending on how many appointments I have but usually leave at 2.40 to go get DS

    Pick up DS at 3pm , we are lucky to a have a drive through pick up (like a kid valet) so it literally takes 2 mins to drive in and out without getting out of the car! We are home by 3.30 (unless he's got swimming, art or little athletics at school then I pick him up at 4.30, home by 5) or sometimes I stop at the Fruitshop/butcher/deli on the way home

    I usually tidy/get washing in and start dinner and make tomorrows school lunch , dinner is usually 6.30 - , DH works until about 8pm usually 3 nights a week and if I have afternoon/ late appointments (usually once a week) I take him into the office or wait for DH to get home and then go otherwise we take turns in putting him to bed/doing home readers at 8pm, he's asleep by 8.30 and then we chill and watch tv or sometimes I do some ironing , I "try" take the dog for a quick walk (which is usually only 2-3 times a week) and normally go to bed between 11-12pm

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    My work days look like this:
    7:45am on work days shower and get ready. If non-work day I get up at 8 with dd. I have a 5 minute shower, only wear tinted moisturizer plus eyeliner and mascara so that's a 5 minute job and then get dressed in clothes I lay out night before including undies, shoes etc so that and making the bed is the other 5 minutes.
    8am get dd up. Lay in bed for 10 minutes with her snuggling in my work clothes or pjs lol. If non work day this snuggle might be 20-30 minutes with tv on.
    8:10-15 get dd dressed
    8:15 dd breakfast
    8:30 get bags finished (I prep lunch the night before and get the bags out and mostly done) and tidy up a bit, open blinds etc.
    8:45 out the door (it's 15 minutes to dd childcare and my work is next door)
    9am drop dd at childcare hang around 15 minutes to settle her
    9:15 get to work
    4pm pick dd up
    4:15pm get home and straight away get DDs pjs out and clothes ready for next day, put fire on, start prepping dinner
    5:15pm dinner. We usually eat with dd and she can't last much longer than this.
    6pm showers and pjs on
    6:30 watch the night garden with dd
    7-7:15 dd to bed
    7:30-9:30 work/watch tv with DH
    9:30-10 prep lunches and bags for next day and go to bed!
    On non-work days I just have a slower morning with more cuddle time but still ready to head out by 9ish and back for nap at 12pm. On non-work days I do most of the housework for the week. I do floors twice a week and 3-4 loads of washing, dishes twice a day, shifting firewood 1-2 times a week. I do groceries online once a fortnight then do 2 shops in between for fresh stuff.
    I work 3 days a week plus studying so I'm at work 1-2 days on weekends at the moment too (I also work during DDs naps) so I only have Monday and Thursday to run errands, have play dates and fit in all my medical appointments.
    It's busy but I'm lucky I have a flexible work start and it's close to home and I can support DDs love of sleeping in!

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    6 H up
    6.30 Older two up
    7 School run for H and older two
    7.30 Get woken up by a punch from 14 month old
    7.35 COFFEE
    8 Breakfast for bub
    8.30 Shower with bub
    8.45-9.30 Turn on tv (music) for bub, put away dishes, wash dishes, take wet laundry out of machine and put in basket, and put on a load of laundry
    9.30-10 Outside time- bub plays with a ball while I hang laundry, then we take turns throwing it around. If grass is dry we explore the garden.
    10-10.20/10.45 Bub nap (USUALLY! Sometimes she won't and instead we read stories and do puzzles, and she naps at 12-12.20/1 instead). I have breakfast.
    10.45-11.30 Change bub's nappy, prep lunch while bub does puzzles. Read stories. Sing songs. Learn body parts.
    11.30-12 Lunch, PREP nappy bag and bub's dinner, get ready
    12-3 School run (public transport). Bub often naps in pram for 30-45 mins
    3.10 Collect 11 and 9 year old, take to activities if on
    (5 Bub dinner at activities)
    6/8 Home. Dinner on, bub in high chair eating, older two shower and homework. (Bub in bed if activities). Uniform in the machine. Laundry in from line.
    7 Dinner, H home (6.30-7).
    7.45 Story/tv with older two, settle bub, make school lunches. Uniform hung up.
    8.30 Bed for older two. Bags packed for school.
    9 Resettle bub
    9.30 Bed for me
    10 Bed for H, resettle bub
    10-7.30 Bub wakes 6-18 times

    ETA: at the weekend all that laundry gets put away (sat eve)

    EATA: This term we have after-school activities everyday except Tuesday, but now DSD wants to change flute teacher and the new on is only available Tues evening (near us thankfully).
    Wed and Fri after-school activities are sports training, so I tend to do some exercise then (DD loves yoga!) and other mums join in!
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    Gosh...I work Mon-Wed. My husband leaves for work at 5am.

    On the days I work I'm up at 5:30 to boil an egg for breakfast, cut up fruit, make sandwiches and salads, revise what I'm teaching that day. On Tuesdays I have a personal trainer come to my house at 6am so I'm up at 5:15.

    Kids are usually awake at 6:30. They get dressed for school. Sometimes they eat breakfast at home and sometimes at before school care/daycare.

    At 6:30 I have a shower and get dressed (I don't wear makeup and I always wear a bun to work so I don't get nits from the kids ) so that only takes 10 mins max.

    Leave home at 7:20 and drop the kids to daycare and before school care. Arrive at work by 8:30. Commute usually takes around 45 mins against the traffic. Going home doesn't take as long.

    On Mondays I leave work at about 3:30. I usually pop home before picking the kids up to put something in the oven for dinner and cut up some veges for salad or chuck them in the steamer. My eldest daughter has 2 dancing lessons from 5-7 so I drop her off and then go home for dinner with my other 2 kids. If my husband is home he will start dinner. On Tuesdays I have a short meeting after work. My son has footy training at 5. Usually it's leftovers from the weekend after training or my husband cooks if he's home. On Wednesdays I have professional learning after work. Usually until 4pm. My eldest 2 have swimming lessons at 5:30. My husband will cook something if he's home or it's reheat frozen leftover meal like spaghetti.

    On Thursdays I don't work but I have my trainer come to my house so I'm up at 5:50. Kids come downstairs at about 6:45/7. No after school activities on Thursdays so we hang around after school and play then head home and catch up on homework if any.

    On Fridays my youngest has swimming lessons after school drop off.

    My kids are in bed between 7:30-8 after showering. My 8 year old reads in bed until 8 or watches some tv downstairs.

    I go downstairs at 8pm and relax for half an hour. I walk my dog Sun-Thurs with my friend at 8:30.

    Get home about 9:20 after walking and then have a shower. Watch tv or check fb etc. Bed time for me is anywhere between 10 - 11.

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    I work full time. Have 2 kids and a hubby that works away. I feel like my daily schedule is just rushing from one thing to the next!

    Woken by almost 4 year old coming into my room anywhere between 4:30-5:30am.
    Try to sleep for another half hour until the alarm goes off at 6am (on work days which is Mon-Fri).
    Get up, wake the 5 year old up (if he's not already awake).
    Breakfast for the kids. Coffee for me.
    Run around like a mad woman packing school lunch for 5yo, packing bags, getting kids dressed, getting myself ready for work etc.
    Leave the house and in the car by 7:15am.
    Drop Mr 5 at before school care by 7:30am.
    Drop Mr 4 at kindy (long day care) by 7:45am.
    Arrive at work by 8am and work until 4pm.
    Pick up Mr 4 by 4:15pm from kindy.
    Pick up Mr 5 by 4:30pm from after school care.
    Get home by 5pm.
    Organise dinner ASAP to avoid cries of 'starving' children.
    6pm (ish) Clean up kitchen. Throw a load of washing on. Fight children to have bath. Organise clothes/bags etc for next morning.
    7-7:30pm pjs, stories, quiet play, reading homework etc. Mr 4 down to sleep by 7:15. Mr 5 by around 7:30.
    7:30 onwards finish any tidying, house hold chores etc. Once that's done I hop in the shower and pretty much crash out in bed watching Netflix.

    Then pretty much repeat 5 days of the week.

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    X3 children. I work 5 day/fn. Get up at 5am. Shower, makeup, dry hair, get dressed (casual as i wear scrubs at work). Then have coffee.then get kids up 8f not up already. All out the door by 6.30am. Drop at before school care or daycare.
    Start work at 8am. Finish 4pm. Home usually by 5.30pm at latest after picking up kids and wine lol
    Then dinner, baths etc and kids all settled in bed by 7/7.30pm at latest

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    I work part time so on my work day it is like this.

    6:10 alarm goes off and hop in the shower
    6:20 get dressed, put on minimal makeup and do hair
    6:30 get kids clothes out so Dh can get them dressed. (He does childcare and school drop off)
    6:40 breakfast if I have time - hopefully a cup of tea
    6:50 leave for the bus to start work at 8
    4 leave work and catch bus
    5pm pick up dd from after school care and do homework with her
    5:30 start dinner or heat up already cooked dinner
    6 dinner with dh and both kids
    7pm bath and pyjamas for the kids
    8pm hopefully kids asleep
    After kids are in bed, watch tv, fold clothes or head straight to bed.

    Non work days, I do school drop off and pick up. I get up a little later and Dh does breakfast for the kids and makes the kids lunches.

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    5:30 up to get showered/ready
    6:30 on the road to work
    7:45 at work
    5:30 leave work
    6:45 get home, cook dinner, watch TV, try and do some cleaning
    9:00 in bed ready to do it all over again

    6:00 DSS wakes us up
    7:30 breakfast
    8:30 grocery shopping
    10:00 cleaning
    12:00 lunch
    1:00 more cleaning
    5:00 feed my grandma
    6:00 dinner
    7:00 put DSS to bed and then collapse from tiredness!!

    And people wonder why I'm always so tired!!

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    100 Posts in a week
    Kids and dh get up around 6/630, have breakfast and get ready for school. I get up at 7. Out the door by 8.15 for school drop off. Come home, get dd's 3,4 and 5 sorted and my neighbour comes over to watch them while I'm at uni. I leave around 915, get home again around 1230. Tidy up. Pick kids up from school at 3. Usually try to get some study in while they are playing in the arv. 5.30/6 get dinner ready. 630/7 bath kids, put dd5 to bed. 730/8 the others go to bed. Tidy up after dinner. Study until 11/midnight. Go to bed.

    Up at 6, out the door by 7. Drop older 2 at before school care. Drive 45 mins to drop other 3 at daycare. Uni 9-1. Come home, tidy up. Pick kids up from school and daycare. Come home, start dinner. Bath and kids in bed by 7.30. Get lunches and school stuff sorted for the next day. Study til 11/midnight. Bed.

    Up at 6, out the door by 7. Drop kids at before school care and daycare. Uni 9-4. Pick kids up from daycare and after school care. Get home around 6. Cook dinner, kids in bed by 7.30. Tidy up. Study til 11/midnight. Bed

    Thurs and Fri-
    Up at 7. Drop kids at school around 8.30. Drop dd4 at her other daycare. Home. Do big clean of house. Study while dd5 is sleeping. Pick kids up from school. Home. Pick dd4 up from daycare at 5.30. Home. Do dinner, kids watch a movie til 8.30/9. They go to bed. I tidy up from dinner. Study til 11/midnight and bed.

    Weekends anything goes.


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