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    Default Whats your daily schedule like?

    Inspired by another thread on finding time for fitness.. i am curious about other peoples schedules..

    Do you have kids?
    What time do you wake up?
    How long does it take you to get ready and what do you do in the morning before work?
    How long is your commute to work and what do you generally do after work?

    Here is me(and this will change if we have kids)

    I wake up at 5.50 am and turn the kettle and heater on (in winter) before heading for the bathroom. The hygiene hair and make up takes me about 15 mins.

    I get dressed in 5 minutes if i decide the night before what Im wearing to work.
    I then head for the kitchen where i have tea (coffee when not pregnant) and i eat a banana and a cookie while watching sunrise.
    At 6.20 I start getting ready to leave the house. Lift all the blinds, say bye to my budgie, leave the radio on for him, and lock up.
    By 6.45 i am at the station and i catch the 6.58 am to work.

    I arrive at work by 8 am and then have breakfast.

    I leave work at 4 and catch the 4.05pm home and depending on traffic I am usually home by 5.20pm.

    Usually i would come home....let the budgie out and chill out for half an hour.. before getting started on dinner so its ready by 7. Now that i am pregnant and still low on energy I usually nap till DH gets home (6.30-7 ) then we eat whatever is quick and easy haha

    After that we usually relax (netflix and chill) unless either of us have plans to go out/ go out for a walk if the weather is suitable..and then bed by 9:30-10pm (for me at least).

    Please feel free to post your schedules if you are on maternity leave or a stay at home mum..
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    Default Whats your daily schedule like?

    I don't work so here is mine.

    6:30-7 I wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth and get breakfast on the table. (I don't wear make up, never have and my hair just goes in a pony tail and I wear jeans and tshirt every day, so getting ready takes 30 seconds).

    7:10 Wake the kids (7, 5, 4 and 3) up. Get them to eat and I start on housework.

    7:45 Get all 4 kids dressed, brush teeth and ready for school.

    8:15 I load them all in the car and drop the two older ones at school.

    8:30 - 11:30 Housework, activities with the two little kids. Homeschool preschool for 4yo. Tending to veggies and chooks.

    11:30 Get lunch ready

    12:00 Eat lunch

    12:30 - 2:55 Housework and activities with the kids. Homeschool preschool for 4yo.

    3:10 Pick two older kids up.

    3:30 Tidy up living room.

    4:00 Start prepping dinner.

    5:00 Bath kids.

    6:00 Serve and eat dinner.

    7:00 Set kids up with some telly or books. Clean kitchen.

    8:15 Put kids in bed.

    8:15-9:00 Continue cleaning kitchen as well as rousing on kids that refuse to sleep. Make kids school lunches.

    9:00 - 12:00 Study (doing 2 courses at the moment) I shower in there somewhere as a study break. Only 5 minute shower.

    12:00 - 6:30 Sleep.

    The exceptions are Mondays and Every second Friday I have playgroup from 11 - 1 and Wednesday from 1:30-3, with the two littlest ones.

    Every other Friday, I have to travel into town (4 hour each way) with the husband and kids to get groceries and do therapies with our 5yo that has autism.

    Every second Wednesday afternoon 6-7 or 8 doing online virtual discussions for uni.
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    I've just started mat leave but my routine when I was working was...

    5.45 either DP or I get up and shower first. Normally takes me 15-20 minutes to shower, do makeup and get dressed.

    By the time the first of us is out of the shower DS is up so one of us gets his breakfast while the other showers.

    DP normally makes DS' lunch while I eat breakfast and then I do my hair if I had to wash it.

    DS takes forever to eat breakfast so hopefully he's done by about 6.30 when he do teeth and get dressed.

    DP leaves for work around 6.45 so that he can get a car park and DS and I leave around 7ish for drop off. I'm 5 minutes from both day care and work so no commute.

    I start work at 7.30 and leave around 4.30. Most of the time DP does pick up so I just head home.

    Dinner is at 5.45 followed by shower, books and cuddles with a 7-7.30 bed time for DS.

    I normally head to bed around 9.30-10.

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    I'm a shift worker so I don't have a set routine, but I'll write out my day for an 8-4.30shift.
    5.30am - wake up, make bed and get ready for gym.
    6am at gym for one hour.
    7.10am home from gym. Shower and wash hair, either put on my work uniform that was already ironed (I do them all for my working week in one hit), blast my hair for a couple of minutes with the hair dryer.
    Eat breakfast...I either have vegies and eggs that I made up the night before, or an instsnt porrige thing. Whilst breakfast is cooking I pack my bag with my lunch I made the night before, load dirty dishes in to the dishwasher (one of my kids empties it from the night before), and talk to the kids about what they have on that day.
    Load washing machine with clothes to hang out that night and put a timer on so they're ready when I get home.
    After breakfast I brush my teeth and my hair, and throw it back in a pony tail.
    7.40am the babysitter comes, I say goodbye at 7.45am and ride to work. I work in different areas, so an 8am start is a 10 minute commute on my bike.
    Finish work at 4.30pm, ride home, free babysitter of their duties/collect kids in car from various after school activities/ walk the dog/ get dinner organised so we can eat dinner at 7pm. Sit down and talk about our days with the kids, kids in bed by 8pm after listening to the kids still in primary school read.
    Highschool child retreats to room to do homework until 9pm, then might read until 9.30pm and lights out. After 8pm I tidy up, hang out washing, sort out lunches and dinner for the next day, get organised for the gym, put the load of clothes from the day before away and go to bed around 9.30pm-10pm.

    I don't have a routine...each week is different for me, but that's an 8am-4.30pm shift day during the week.

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    alarm goes off at 5:30, i usually get up right away and head into the shower but sometimes i hit snooze for another 15 mins.

    from the shower i head downstairs and make my smoothie and get a few bits and pieces ready, take ds' bottle out for daycare, pack his bag etc. wash up/tidy up after breaky then head back upstairs.

    i start putting on my makeup, dh is usually having his cereal downstairs or in the shower at this point. once dh is dressed we go in and wake up ds, change his nappy and dress him. dh then takes him downstairs and gives him his weetbix while i finish getting ready upstairs.

    i head down any time between around 7:30 (on a good day) to 7:45 (if i'm really slow lol) and we pack the car up, put ds in the car then head to maccas drive thru for our morning caffeine fix.

    we head to daycare and drop ds off, then into the cbd to drop dh off then i drive myself to work. i start at 9 and lately have been getting in on time. i was arriving quite late for a while (like 9:30am sometimes) but felt bad so started getting up earlier. my boss gets in 9:39-10am so is none the wiser but i don't like to pis$ take so made a genuine effort to get in on time.

    i work til 5 then head to daycare to collect ds around 5:45, then into the city to get dh. he knocks off at 6. dh then drives us all home. we do dinner right away, as it's usually 6:30-7pm by the time we get home. then give ds a bath and put him to bed around 8pm. we then have a couple of hours together, either we watch something on netflix or both do a bit of work, then head to bed around 10.

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    My work day is:
    5:30 get up and get DD a milk which she drinks in my bed and we chill for 10 mins. Then get us both ready, make breakfast (for both of us) and coffee (for me) and put these in the car.
    6:20 leave the house
    6:30 drop dd (and her breakfast) at daycare and drive to the train station (and eat my breakfast on the way)
    7:30 arrive at train station
    7:35 train into the city
    8:25 arrive in city and walk to work
    8:45 arrive at work

    5:15 leave work and do it all in reverse - home at 7:30. My mum picks up DD from daycare and she is usually asleep when I get home.

    7:30 make dinner, eat dinner, clean kitchen, feed pets, pack bags for next day.

    8:30 shower and bed!!

    If the traffic is bad well then my day just truely sucks. I desperately want a job closer to home. DF works overseas and when he is home he does the daycare picks up / drop offs and makes dinner.

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    6am wake up, if DD2 is awake I get her milk if not I jump in shower.

    6:30am DD1 wakes up, by this time in usually finishing my make up and hair then putting on a gown then I go down stairs to make breakfast plus lunches
    (DD1 has alarms on a phone that she has with her 6:30 wake up, 6:35 make bed 6:38 brush teeth 6:40 bath 6:50 get dressed 7:05 go eat) only way I can get her ready on time

    7am I go back up stairs, this time if it wasn't done before I give DD2 her milk, get dressed and get DD2 ready for the day, pack her bag etc

    7:15am I go downstairs to have breakfast, get DD1 to hurry along and pack her lunch in her bag etc

    7:25am we do some meditation/devotional to get us ready for the day

    7:32am-ish ( supposed to be 7:30) get in car and drive to bus stop

    7:36 - 7:40 DD1 bus is meant to come at 7:36 but its sometimes late, then drive to mom house to drop DD2 off.

    8am to 8:30am (depending how much of a hurry I'm in, I own my business) catch train to work

    I'm at work between 9 and 10:30

    Again in afternoon leave anytime between 3 and 5pm, if I'm late mom picks up DD1 from bus stop if not I meet her at home, her bus gets back around 4. Then we go back to get DD1

    Home anytime between 6 and 8 depending on whether I eat dinner at moms.

    8:30pm Kids in bed

    10:30pm I'm in the bedroom ...could be up till midnight.
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    On a working day at the moment if Im :

    Wake up 6:50ish
    Give DD.and DS breakfast
    Unpack and load dishwasher
    Make myself coffee
    Possible dinner prep if slow cooker
    7:20 Head to shower and then get dressed,
    7:35 Encourage DD to get dressed. Dress DS
    7:40 Teeth and hair, put DD's luncbox in bag, put my lunch in my bag
    7:45 Get DD dresses
    7:50 hair for DD
    7:55/8 - leave house
    8:05 - drop DS off
    8:20 - drop DD off
    8:35 - arrive at work
    5 -530 - finish work. Pick kids up if I am on pick up duty
    5:45 - dinner (if DH hasnt finished before me)
    After dinner - readers with DD
    630 - DS bath, I prep lunches for tomorrow and tidy up kitchen
    7/730- DS bed..Tidy up
    7:30 DD bath. More tidy up
    8 - Dd bed
    830 - any other tidy up otherwise netfkix and bed

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    Default Whats your daily schedule like?

    Gosh, hats off to you amazing ladies with your super early wake up and drop off times. I sometimes get overwhelmed with my schedule but it's nothing compared to some of you!

    DD wakes me up between 6:30-7. She comes into our bed for cuddles and chats.

    We get up by 7, she has milk & plays while I make my breakfast (toast & coffee) and, if it's a school day, pack her lunch.

    7:30 DD has breakfast while I get dressed and do my hair & makeup.

    7:45 DD gets dressed (or I ask her to get dressed a million times while she faffs about), teeth brushed, hair done. We don't have to leave for school until 8:20am

    8:30am school doors open, straight in with DD for 5-7 mins until I have to leave for work. If it's not a school day my mum picks DD up from our place and has her for the morning.

    9am - 1pm work.

    On school days I come home from work and exercise in our home gym before school pick up. Leave at 2:30 for 2:45 pick up, catch up with other mums, stay for a bit of a play in the school grounds sometimes.

    On non school days (Wed & Fri) I pick DD up from mum's and we either head home, out shopping or to a friend's house for a play date / catch up.

    Home from school about 3ish, get DD changed, settled, afternoon tea. Do housework like washing and vacuuming.

    5pm start dinner. DP home at this point. He plays with DD while I finish dinner.

    5:45ish dinner. I clean up while DP spends more time with DD.

    6:30 shower time for DD, sometimes she has a bath instead.

    7pm Bed for DD, she's out like a light instantly usually. DP & I watch Netflix, Foxtel or a movie. Sometimes he has band rehearsal or a gig which means I get some alone time!

    I shower anywhere between 8:30 & 9:30, then normally in bed by 10
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    Depends on the day. Monday we have playgroup and I work, Tuesday nothing scheduled, Wednesday DD has kindy, Thursday DD has kindy and I work, Friday we have playgroup then go to my parents, Saturday DH and I are both off, Sunday DH is off and I work. Every day's different.


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