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    Default Early Pregnancy?

    Hi. Its my due date for my period is 5/5/17. I have been diagnosed PCOS which causes irregular periods and painful periods. This year i have been getting my period on the same day for my period this year and only missed one period. The only menstrual symptom i usually have before my periods is severe menstrual cramps and they usually start a week- 2 weeks before period.
    This month i didn't get cramps a week before my period. 5 days ago i got a really severe headache and had to go to sleep so it would go. I started getting really sharp pain in my breasts and they have been sore. I had middle - low backache and sharp pain in the back. Its only today that i have been getting mild cramps and i have been very tired today. I have a clear discharge today swell. I have had a blocked nose since saturday and no other symtmsv I never get breast pain or back pain when my period is coming and there seem so abnormal. could i be pregnant ?
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