Hi! Sorry there will be probably TMi in this but I'll try and keep it concise and not gross!!

I came off the implant 3rd April as I was bleeding for months and it was only controlled by using the pill. I thought about going on the pill only once I got my first period off the implant so DF and I used the pull out method for that first month. When I was on my period we decided we wanted to start TTC (he's been wanting to for a while but I'd been on the fence). We started trying the same day my period finished on 26th April. I started feeling unwell with stomach cramps and nausea on the 29th April which I put down to maybe in my head or hormones from coming off the pill. On the 1st May I had some light spotting when I wiped but nothing else. It was light red, almost pink. Unsure if this could be implantation or ovulation bleed? I put a finger up to see if maybe there was more but that was all.

Since Tuesday I've been experiencing pain in my cervix area during sex which I've NEVER had before. I've also been having slight constipation.. needing to go often but not able to pass a big bowel movement and feeling quite backed up. I'm currently not even 1 week past my period finishing so I'm assuming I can't possibly be pregnant - have had a negative test so far - has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you!