Yesterday around lunchtime whilst i was at work i visited the loo and saw what i had been dredding for the past few weeks, red and brown blood on the paper. Also started cramping on both sides. I'm 6.4 wks. So off to the hospital i went where they took bloods and did two scans one ultrasound and an internal scan. Bloods showed a hcg level confirming pregnancy and scans showed a sac but no h/beat or fetal pole they made a note that it may be too early and i have my dates mixed up but i know my cycle dates. The blood has slowed and just brown, nothing on the pad just when i wipe. I have another scan in one week so i suppose I'll find out more then. I'm so scared this is my first pregnancy and we were so happy. I'm preparing for the worst as my sore breasts have stopped being sore . I also have negative blood so got an anti d injection. This baby stuff is worrying work already, and I'm so impatient i just want to know!!