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    Default Pink discharge -

    Good morning ladies,

    This morning I woke up to dreaded pink discharge and two teeny tiny flecks of blood (smaller than a peppercorn) & my automatic response was to panic & cry.
    According to my apps - I am 5 weeks. My only pregnancy symptom has been cramps.

    Ive been to the doctor and had my bloods taken - and she has told me to monitor the discharge and the cramps - expect the worse if either pick up.

    She believes it could be a "bloody show" or "implantation" as according to her, I am only 2-3 weeks along.
    She has assured me that it is not necessarily a miscarriage at this point - but it is very early.
    She even told me that she will phone my hcg levels through tomorrow to let me know regardless what may be happening.

    I just wanted to make this post to show anyone else that may be experiencing the same symptoms that it's not the end of the road.
    Do not stress, go to the doctor.
    Its better to get the information from the professionals than to stress yourself to tears & possibly impact your little baby.

    That all being said, has anyone else experienced this at all that could share their results or have any advice for me? Xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by redemptionx View Post

    That all being said, has anyone else experienced this at all that could share their results or have any advice for me? Xx
    I had spotting (light pink) about every day or two from weeks 5-7. Then it went away, and showed up again for a few days around week 9. I kept reading that sex could cause spotting, but my husband and I were apart, so I was terrified that it was a sign that I was going to have a miscarriage. I cried, stressed, googled, stressed, cried (I'm overseas so I don't have a doctor to call/visit; I did tell a couple of nurses on the health line, but they replied consistently with 'spotting is not always normal, but it's not uncommon in a healthy pregnancy').

    Nothing made me feel better and I had terrible anxiety up until I had a 13 week scan and everything looked fine as pie.

    So I don't really have any advice, except to say that I know it can be scary as hell. I just decided to try and accept that there's nobody that can tell me exactly what's going on in these super diverse, complicated bodies of ours, and just be grateful for each passing day. But it was really hard for me (I guess I need to work on some resilience), and that scan was a huge relief!

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    Thanks osmun2017 I m in same boat now after I read your story I really feel hope thanks


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