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    Default Recurrent blocked ducts

    Hi all,

    I deal with blocked ducts all the time - my bubba is 3.5 months old, and I work full time. Am desperately trying to keep the breastfeeding up but am having to pump all the time to keep her on majority breast milk. She's having a formula bottle a day. This weekend has been awful with blocked ducts in both breasts, especially the left. Since I've tried to have her on feeding as much as possible the blockage and tenderness seems to have gone down slightly but tonight there is a hugely inflamed red patch on my left breast. It isn't as sore as it was though so I'm not sure why it's gone much redder than it was when it was blocked. Is this normal? Is it a sign it could be progressing to mastitis? My temp is normal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    The patch sounds like mastitis, go get it checked asap so it doesn't get worse!


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