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    Default Reading recommendations for first time Dad

    Good morning!

    My DH and I are expecting our first baby for this November. I have a nephew and a niece with whom i have been quite involved from their birth until i moved to Australia (they were 2 and 8 approx) so while i'm in no way an expert, i have the beginning of an idea of what we might be in for. I'm also someone who needs to be ready and know things in advance so i've been reading "everything" of good quality i can find, either on Internet, this forum and books.

    I've started to realise though, that DH's understanding and knowledge about pregnancy, babies and young children is very very limited. For example, talking about our desire to go down the cloth nappy way, i mentioned last night that i wasn't looking forward to the issue of getting nappies to dry in our cold and wet winters. Our baby is due in November so DH replied something along the lines of "by the next winter it won't be a problem anymore really. How long does a baby wear nappies for?" You should have seen his face when I said approximately 2-2.5 years on average.
    I have to admit that he is also not particularly understanding of my pregnancy "symptoms" especially the constant hunger/nausea and tiredness part! haha

    So... I am searching for ideas and recommendations on books or websites (no apps, he won't get them) that would give him some necessary insights on what is going on during the pregnancy and birth and a bit of an idea on what to expect when our baby's here. While i like being the one giving him info based on what i know or have read a) he doesn't always really believe me (i.e. the exhaustion part) b) I can think of a few moments when it won't be practical to be the one telling him or where it would be handy for him to know in advance.

    Being pretty active and always on-the-go, shorter books would be better (we have what to expect at home but i can't see him finding enough time to go through it all). His birthday is coming up this month and i thought it'd be good to add one or two "first time dad" books to his present.

    thanks for your help!!

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    I had 2 books. What to expect when your expecting or kaz Cooke up the duff which is light hearted humour if your dh isn't into the nitty gritty of things

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    Wonder Weeks was very helpful for us & you can just read it in bite size pieces as you approach each stage.

    I also think it's really important to understand brain development & emotional development to manage your expectations of behavior & emotional regulation of little ones.

    I found it wasn't until I was immersed in the challenges of parenting that I started to understand the type of parenting advice/strategies I was looking for. Janet Lansbury speaks to me.

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