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    Default Primary CMV

    Hi All,

    Apologies in advance for the long post.

    I found out late last week that I have CMV and it looks like its a primary (first time infection) which is the worst kind to have and the worst time to have it. For those who don't know what CMV is, it is a common virus that up to 80% of the population will have at some point. Most of the time it has no symptoms or just flu like symptoms and it is no danger or concern unless you pick it up for the first time during pregnancy.

    I had only heard about it in an off hand way prior to last week. 1/3 children shed the virus and I most likely picked it up off a step child that had a runny nose and cold.

    At 4 weeks pregnant I had a really bad flu with fevers, night sweats and I was so exhausted I could barely drag myself up the stairs. The week I was sick I had the normal early pregnancy blood testing with full blood count etc and my liver function was slightly abnormal. My GP re ran the blood test a couple of weeks later and the LFT was still abnormal but it was improving. I saw her last Monday and we agreed that I would have a liver ultrasound but we weren't overly concerned.

    She rang me on Thursday to say that she had been thinking about my case and the fact that I had been sick with the flu and had abnormal liver function in the same week made her order the test for CMV. She said my blood levels show I have picked up the infection for the first time likely in the last 2 months (I am 10 weeks along now) and the Liver function and the flu helps confirm that.

    If i had been infected in the past and was having a "flare up" the chance of it being passed on to the baby would be 1-2% and I could live with that risk. But as this is my first infection the risk is anywhere from 38%-70% that the baby will be born severely disabled and a 20% Chance it will die shortly after birth. A fair % of babies infected show no symptoms at birth but by the age of 5 they have developed severe disabilities.

    I have been referred to the Feto Maternal unit at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. I am anxiously waiting on them to call me today. I suspect though that they will recommend a termination. The only way that it can be confirmed if the baby is infected is by an Amino at 20 weeks. And if the baby does have congenital CMV there is no treatment (in Australia anyway). So nothing can be done. I am so upset and feel so guilty that a stupid virus can turn my world upside down like this. At the same time I dont know how equipped we are to look after a severely disabled child.

    Apologies for the long rant, If anyone has any experience with CMV i would love to hear from you

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    I have no experience but just wanted to reach out and let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope you get some positive feedback that brings a bit of desperately needed hope your way.

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    I don't have any advice, but hugs for you. So unlucky to get a primary CMV infection during pregnancy!

    I hope you can get some good, clear advice. Hugs and strength.


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