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    Default Why I'm glad I chat before dating....

    Just venting really. But to all y'all other single mums out there, I can not stress enough how glad I am that I chat to guys online before I will bother to date them... because I've dodged some bullets!

    You can learn a lot about a guy's personality just from chatting and asking the right questions/delving into their attitudes about women.

    This last guy seemed great in so many ways but I was wary over a couple of things so avoided dating until I had a better idea of who he really was.... and I found out today when he started bombarding me with texts and then abused me when he didn't get the response he wanted! Totally unprovoked! Yep, I was shocked but also feel relieved.

    So I say don't be afraid to chat online before dating! Don't waste your time and effort until you have a good sense of who they are and their attitudes (and how they deal with perceived rejection).

    It's quite an effort to have a night out for a single parent and I'd much rather spend my evening at home with my lil man tbh, unless he's an awesome man that is...! And it's been 6 years and I've not met one yet.

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