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I am thinking I will just transfer a set amount, I know what he buys so that is not s issue I just don't know what other people think is reasonsble
It's virtually impossible to tell you how much when we don't know your exact income and expenses (you don't have to tell us, of course). It's however much you feel is best.

My DP and I have a joint account for day to day expenses. DP also has a separate tax account (hes a self employed tradie so he pays tax quarterly, but puts away the tax amount weekly). He also has a separate account for business expenses (I have access to that), but that is just set up so that he can just give the statement straight to his bookkeeper.
I have a credit card in my name that has a $500 limit, but we both use that for online purchases when there's no other option, and we pay it straight back from our account.
We don't have separate spending money.