Hi all,
My cycles have always been irregular, and long, but over the last year they have started to get a lot more regular with my last three cycles being 37, 39 and 30 days.
Whilst I haven't been actively trying to conceive, at 35 yrs old I wouldn't be disappointed if it were to happen.
My last AF started March 19th-23rd.
Anyway, my partner and I had unprotected sex on April 13th & 14th. I'm not sure when I was ovulating, but I'm now on day 42 of my cycle and thought this was unusual considering my last three cycles have been shorter? I wondered if I was pregnant and I've done a Hpt and it was negative (too soon though?)
I've had symptoms of AF... mild cramping but it's been sporadic over the last week, but no blood.
Appreciate the help