Anyone else in the two week wait limbo? Wanna jump into this thread? Symptoms?

I'm due for AF on 5 May and am now 7DPO ... it is hard to be in limbo where I don't know what my body is doing. I'm usually like clockwork. Partner and I have not been "trying" - but we haven't been using any contraception at all either - Even during the peak time.... so yeah that's what is happening. He's absolutely lovely he knows I want another baby - and he says he loves babies and would've had heaps.... but I guess he is easygoing either way.

Past two- three nights I've been EXTREMELY exhausted like a 20 out of 10 tired. My face was flushed pinkish and the kids noticed so my little boy offered to get me a glass of water (I was so tired I felt like I was dying or come down with some mystery virus). I went to bed at 7-8pm. No other symptoms like no sore breasts. Maybe a tiny bit of cramps/ bloating but that could've been all the cheese I ate...
now I just wanna know what's going on ugh
It really does consume your thoughts hey?
I've held off on doing a test but I've googled everything about 7DPO etc

What about you where are you all at?