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    Default Am I? He says he's too old,..

    My partner and I have discussed babies. We have our own children from previous ended relationships and are a blended family. We haven't any of our own biological children.

    He said he loves babies and just thinks he's too old (he is 43). I have always wanted more particularly now I have found my beautiful man. but don't want to pressure him. On the other hand he says he loves babies and would've had many of them. He also knows I want more (and has told his work colleagues and his best mate) who tease him. He doesn't seem worried- almost likes the banter...
    Anyway we've not been using any contraception and he is well aware of the fact I'm not on the pill. He used to use withdrawal but now doesn't at all- it is amazing and passionate out of this world love making. It's been a couple of months of the no contraception situation .

    Sooo I'm now wondering if this month I am actually going to be pregnant...? And if he was actually trying to become a dad again...?

    I'm due for my period by 5 May ....

    I'm nervous and also excited and wondering how he's going to react (happy of course) but possible a little in denial

    Our other children are going to have a biggish gap (9,10,11,plus two teenagers). I'm 36. I really do want another baby.

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    Well he's already a dad and certainly knows how they are made so he must be accepting of the idea of you falling pregnant. Best of luck with the result you are after. That two week wait is killer...


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