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    Default Is a week to early for signs??

    Hi Girls,
    Hubby & I ttc on 23rd April 17 it's now 27th April 17..Just wondering would i be feeling any symptoms at week 1? We have had two pregnancy losses before, i am not even really getting AF anymore has been like that for years now i believe it's due to medication i am on for health reasons and too young to get menopause ? am only 36. I have been feeling slight cramping in my lower gutt on left side then moves to right. , all i been doing since ttc is sleeping i've mostly slept 3 days in a row this week, and i am now having heart burn. Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me. Is it to soon for symptoms ?

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    I do think it's too soon to feel any symptoms hon, but I very much understand the urge to want to 'feel something!' I felt nothing at all in the first two weeks of my pregnancy. In fact, I had very few symptoms the entire first trimester!

    I hope this cycle is The One for you, but IF it isn't I'd recommend seeing a GP and having your hormone levels checked. The fact that you don't have a period could potentially be indicative of a problem. I actually have a very dear friend who is in her early 30's and is going through early menopause. Not that I'm saying you are - you may well be pregnant! But it's definitely worth getting checked out and not wasting valuable time

    Good luck!


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