Thanks everyone for the brill advice
Yes, sorry! Nursery is daycare, he's starting school in September (which will be kindergarten) so this will be a blessing as that's 6 hours a day where I've got to myself to nap and have time to fit all of the chores and errands in and I'll be in my third trimester by then so will need all the rest I can get!

Daycare is ridiculously expensive over here and you have to give a months notice to increase the hours...and he leaves in July! August will be hard

I'm very OCD when it comes to cooking, the kitchen is mine and I can control the portions and meat/veg/carbs ratio. If I left hubby to do it, we'd have cheese with a side of meat for dinner

He's good as gold with letting me sleep in wherever possible, I work every fortnight (daytime) so this is only possible every two weeks!

I'm hoping once the nausea settles and I find myself eating more and keeping it down, it'll give me more energy!