My experience is much the same as Foxy's in that the relationship was at a stand still but revived (briefly) when I had my first.

That first time around I was struggling anyway, sleep-wise, anxiety-wise etc. The family negativity was so so very unhelpful when I already felt vulnerable. I needed them to wrap me in their arms and help me through and they did the opposite.

If there's a chance your family will continue with their selfish behaviour and totally out of line comments, I say protect you and your immediate little family and take a bit step back and away.

There may be a time in future where they change their spots, but you don't need their cr&p for the rest of your pregnancy or with young kids.

For me, the relationship in question is now repaired, by that's because the family member in question is in a totally different headspace, and while issues haven't been resolved we've moved on and things are pretty good.