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    Default What age can teenagers consent to flu needles?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanabananah View Post
    Ok, sorry, I misunderstood some of your comments.

    Regardless, if it legal for the child to consent, the only thing you can do it be up front with the doctor and ask for an explanation why it happened like that.

    If you aren't happy with the answer, you might need to find a new GP.... but a lot may choose to treat the patient in the same way, and have consults without you.

    Especially if the whole thing is bulk billed and you aren't paying for it.

    OP it may help to do your own research about age of consent and medical procedures. 18 is not the blanket age in this space like it would be for, say, driving.

    There is a distinction between extremely serious medical procedures (eg sterilisation), serious medical procedures (other surgery), and other medical issues (like birth control or the issue you raise). The nature of the consent and who can give that consent varies in each case.

    Maybe a chat with the GP in question would assist, at least to have some idea of where the are coming from. You'd need to bear in mind though that, as PP have said, you are not the patient. Then again, your DD's capacity to consent may be affected by the brain damage that you mentioned. The issue of consent is a grey area, but a chat between you and the GP will hopefully at least ensure the GP takes your thoughts and concerns into account, and knows as much of your daughters history as possible.

    The only other thing that comes to mind is checking fact sheets from places like the Royal Children's Hospital in Victoria. They may give a good overview of this issue as it is something they address every day.
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