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    Default First time pregnant, would love advice

    This is my first every pregnancy. It was concieved via IVF. Almost 5 weeks, so still very early.
    For the past couple of weeks my uterus has been aching, I know this is normal, I'm just wondering what others do to relieve this?You can't use heat pads on your tummy, so just wondering if anyone has found anything else useful.
    I also have a sore abdomen, which feels like a burning sensation, regardless of what I eat. I have an extremely tight muscle on the right hand side of my belly button. I am assuming some of this is just indigestion, but is that all it is? Has anyone had similar experiences and then it just stopped (fingers crossed, it doesn't last forever).
    Appreciate any input or suggestions to ease the symptoms.

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    I read it could be the round ligament of the uterus. Look that up and there should be some tips! I was having symptoms similar, but it was way to early and a chemical pregnancy but at least I learned something and could pass it on! Good luck!


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