Hi All, has anyone taken the POST Trigger drugs too soon - Pregnyl?
I was happily taking the puregon from Day 3 and realised on the 2nd night (Day 4) that I was supposed to do the Pregnyl too... Turns out the pharmacy screwed up though and the labelling told me to take the Pregnyl on Day 4 and Day 8 (which apparently is AFTER the trigger).

It sounded odd at the time, so I tried to call them to confirm before doing it to make sure, but it was after hours and so I just did the injection along with my daily puregon following the package instructions, only to find out the next day when they were back in, that I wasnt supposed to. They've raised an incident with the Pharmacy and stuff which is good, but the outcome is too soon to tell for me physically.

The doctor on duty thinks it will 'probably be okay' and to continue on with the other daily puregon injections, but its really not cool.. am trying hard to not get too emotional that it's ruined this cycle for me, but I could really use some stories, anyone have anything similar?