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    Default Why is it so hard for me to get pregnant and have my baby

    Hi everyone, I am really frustrated today…i am 33 and did my 2nd IUI recently, and use progesteron pessaries. I did lap and tubes are open. Ttc for 2 years. My period was due yesterday but it did not come. I began to have morning sickness symptoms last week and thought good news is coming. Today i began to have some spotting and began to worry. Search online and many ppl said progesteron pessaris can delay period and cause nausea…i used pregnancy test kit tonight and it is negative…i want to cry but no tears. I want to talk but no words. Why it is so difficult? Why life is so hard? I really really want to have at least two kids and i believe i will be a very good mom. When i see some young patents who smoke in front of their kids, or who behave inappropriately in front of their kids, my brain may even produce questions like "why even this kind of disqualified parents have their kids"…im mentally exhsusted and deeply frustrated…

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    Hi @GINN MELBOURNE, I know how you feel. we really do have such little control over our bodies. Whats your next step?

    Please take care of yourself and try not to compare with others easier said than done I know.


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