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    Default Any mums of emotional 9 year old girls?

    DD - 9 today has always been emotional and hard work but the last few months things are just completely over the top. She is so moody - well not moody she is just ina bad mood 90% of the time and it is seriously affecting family harmony. For example - we have come out tonight for dinner something we can't really afford and she has the face of lemon. Sat down next to me on the bench seat and scooted as far away from me as she could and turned to face the wall. She mskes her younger brothers life hell - and one has ADHD and she pushes him to breaking point. I seriously do not know what to do. I am finding I don't even want to be around my own daughter and I want to keep her away from her brothers. The peace and harmony that comes over the house when she is not there is almost tangible. The boys get on, no fighting, no attitude. I feel bad I'm feeling this way to my own daughter but she just so mean, rude and unpleasant amd I have idea what to do, and how to 'protect 'her brothers from her. Should ad she is an angel at school.

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    I think it's just the age. At 9, my girls were super emotional. Fine with friends or at school, but then they'd let it all out at home.
    I found talking to them about their behaviour when they were in a better mood helped. Also, giving them space.
    When times were desperate and i needed (or really wanted) them to at least pretend to be enjoying themselves I would tell them to pretend to have a good time or they would miss out on xyz. That helped.
    They came out of it. I just kept reminding myself it was hormonal and that they weren't doing it deliberately.


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