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    Default Job Depression

    Hello all,
    I don't have anybody to talk to so I'm hoping some of you lovely ladies can offer some advice.

    My daughter is 8 years old. After her birth I had PND that went diagnosed as I lied to any doctors/nurses with how I was feeling (long story short - my mum is a manic depressive and I didn't want to be on medication and "labelled" as many did to her)
    I suffered silently with this as a stay at home mum until she was 4 years old, after this I slowly starting making a couple of friends and I started working full time again. I loved my job, my boss was amazing and I became great friends with a coworker.
    Fast forward 4 years and I witnessed a fatal car accident which bought on a confirmed case of PTSD, which after speaking to my doctor I decided against anti depressants and chose a more natural approach by taking fish oil.
    This made an improvement. I wasn't back to myself but I had more positive days than bad days.
    Now after 2 boss changes and my amazing coworker being made redundant, and an unreasonable amount of work being put on my shoulders I am completely miserable at my job. I throw up every morning, I get shakes, I get antsy and start picking/scratching at my face and skin, I think about what work 24/7, I have no friends anymore, I feel like an empty shell of myself who is in robot mode and doesn't enjoy anything anymore. It is not only unfair on myself, but also on my beautiful daughter and husband.
    I've been actively looking for a new job for over a year, and although I have had interviews I haven't found anything else yet. Quitting without having a backup is unfortunately not an option.
    I guess I just need some advice on how to cope in the meantime, because right now I am a broken woman.

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    I'm sorry you've been through such a hellish time
    Do you have ongoing professional mental health support? Such as a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist? I think this needs to be your number 1 priority right now as you sound at real risk of a mental health crisis. Please make an appointment to see your GP asap to discuss how you're feeling?
    Once you start with some cognitive therapy and counseling you might revisit medications to help you through this exacerbation.
    Can you take some extended sick leave (say 2 weeks as a start) from your current job to have time to de-stress and seek mental health support?
    Big hugs it sounds like you're in an awful spot right now. I hope you can get help quickly and also find a new job soon.

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    I will PM you some advise about workcover

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