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    Default Teeth & Separation issues Help!

    Hi guys, hoping someone can offer some solidarity with me. Bub is 13 month and cut top two teeth 3 weeks ago. They're still moving down and bub is a complete mess! I thought it would improve after they broke through like the bottom but it hasn't. Now let's be honest between food intolerance and being bf on demand his sleep is horrid anyway but he's currently waking every 15 minutes. We had gotten him into his own bed with only (don't laugh at me) 6 wakeups a night. Please don't suggest sleep training, it's not for us.

    We use Panadol but he cannot have teething gels or nurofen due to his intolerances. Hes not interested in teethers or cold washers or ice/breastmilk ice cubes. Hes also off his food so probably hungry through the night too.

    Along with this he seems very very attached right now, I can't do anything without him wanting to be picked up. I can't leave a room, he doesn't want his Dad at all. Is this a normal age for separation anxiety? We generally follow circle of security principles and I use a carrier where possible but I desperately need a break sometimes.

    Is there anything I haven't covered?? Is there anything else I can do to help him? This is hellish and I feel like all our progress with sleep has gone down the drain. It's very defeating
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    Pretty normal. DS was pretty bad during that period.

    DD is just over 12 months. She is in a leap and sleep is worse than usual. During leaps she sleeps on me or next to me. If I move (even when she is asleep) she wakes and screams the house down.

    With DS I coslept. And spent most of the night feeding him (I could feed and sleep).

    I would just do whatever it is that makes it easier for you.

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    Maybe have a look at The Milk Meg's website. She has some good tips on how to get more rest when you have a very attached baby.
    She also has a book.
    At that age I found things a lot easier once I got the hang of wearing DD on my back, she was out of the way while I did stuff around the house.
    Drive me just about batty, but the clingy phases soon passed.
    Can your partner take your DS for a few hours on the weekend just to give you a break?


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