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    Quote Originally Posted by rosey82 View Post
    Random seedy bits were quite normal for my bubs, some days more some less and day to day the colour could be slightly different too. I know as newborns too many legumes, onions & garlic upset their tummies so maybe lay off those for a few days to see what happens before going fully dairy free? Does baby seem happy otherwise?
    With the latching issue can I suggest you get Bub checked for tongue/lip tie? DS had terrible trouble latching, falling asleep during feeds and waking 10 min later wanting more and I passed it off as normal newborn stuff for the first 3 months, turned out he had severe tongue and lip tie - things took a dramatic turn for the better after having them lasered.
    Congratulations on your new baby!
    ETA: the seedy bits are just undigested milk curds.
    Thanks for the feedback. I did wonder about tongue and lip tie and mentioned it to the midwife on my day 2 homecare visit and she looked into his mouth and said he's fine. Are the hard to spot? Wonder if I should get a second opinion.

    Thanks for explaining the seedy bits! I kept wondering what they were.

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    They get missed all the time. Maybe give it a few days and if your still having trouble with latching try to access a lactation consultant in your area. Public hospitals often have clinics. Private ones can be a bit expensive (but totally worth it!)
    My purple book has LC contact details in the front with the community health numbers.

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    Default Help! Newborn poo green with bits

    My bub had green poo from me taking fenugreek. Within a day or so of stopping it, poos went back to mustard colour

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicole83 View Post
    Yes he had been jaundice! Didn't know that was a part that happens. Thank you.
    No worries I didn't know it either until my third and that's how the bilirubin leaves the body. If it were frothy I would think too much fore milk etc but just green for a few days would be more the jaundice leaving. If his jaundice clears completely in the next few days you'll know. Plus 10 days old is usually when the jaundice starts to clear

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