Hi, this is the first time I've posted my own thread but I'm feeling so emotional after my obstetrician appt today, at my 20 week scan a possible lower uterine fibroids has been detected, and the obstetrician has said that this makes a c section very tricky. I also have an anterior placenta so there is concern that the incision would need to be high, or the traditional vertical cut that obviously isn't as ideal as the lower bikini line incision. My gestational diabetes is also raging out of control, I'm insulin dependent after being diagnosed at 16 weeks, not feeling like much is going right at the moment! I'm doing all I can to avoid another natural birth as the previous one has left me with two episiotomies and 3rd degree tears after a 36 hr labour.. not too keen to do that again.

Sorry for the super long post but just hoping for some positive stories or suggestions!