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    Default Townsville student midwife (and qualified nurse) seeking expectant mums!

    Hi lovely mums-to-be!

    I'm Heather, I'm a student midwife and have been a qualified nurse for a few years, and my dream (which I'm excited to be well on the way to!) is to work with high risk women and those with IVF miracles, to help all women have the best pregnancy, birth and healthiest mum and baby possible

    As many of you would already know, us student midwives need to follow many ladies throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond. You can decide whether you want us at the birth as well or not, and can cancel any time! We're there for you to ask questions at 2am, pour out frustrations to, help guide you through the often confusing maternity system, or just be a supportive, familiar face throughout your pregnancy appointments. I have a few ladies who've been kind enough to allow me into their lives so far and I'm loving it so much! I'd love to follow some more higher risk ladies as well, so that I can better understand how you feel throughout this and how I can better support you and others like you when I qualify as a midwife. It doesn't matter if you're due in three weeks or you've just found out you're pregnant, I'm happy to meet you wherever you are

    I know it's a big ask, letting a stranger share in something so deeply personal. But if you do find yourself considering this, please let me know (I'm still figuring out this forum thing, so my apologies if I don't reply quickly!) Even if you just want to ask some questions and later decide it's not for you, I'm happy to hear from you (I'm also happy to hear from low risk ladies so don't shy away if you're not high risk, I'd be very happy to follow you as well!)
    Best of luck with everything, ladies!
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