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    Just keep in mind that for a lot of kids night time toilet training is more of an individual biological milestone rather than something you can train.

    I've been lucky and all 3 of my kids have on their own just started waking up dry at around age 2/2.5. Well before we even had daytime toilet training fully mastered. No effort or intervention on my part at all. I've never had to change wet bed sheets.

    However I've more than a few friends who have had kids in night time pull-ups for a long time. Most have it sorted by about 5 but My DD's 7yo bestie is still struggling with staying dry at night. She just doesn't wake up and even if water is restricted in the evening will still have a full bladder a couple of times during the night.

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    Just a word of warning: some kids just won't be ready. My five year old son has wanted to try jocks a few times, but he just doesn't wake up!! Sometimes he will wee and then call out so we can fix him up, but most of the time he just keeps on sleeping and then in the morning is asleep in a pool of wee!! We've tried taking him to the toilet in the night, we've tried just taking him before we go to bed etc etc but he's just not ready yet.

    I'm not trying to discourage you, your girls may very well be ready, but be prepared to just throw in the towel and try again later. Good luck!

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    Thanks for all your replies

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    Children cant be toilet trained at night until biologically they are producing enough of the hormone that allows them to concentrate urine. For some kids this doesnt even occur until 8 years old. I have toilet trained several kids and found my first 2 were not trained at night until 8, but after their 8th birthdays like magic, they just stopped wetting the bed. Well, I used pull ups until they were dry at night. My others have been between 4 and 6. It also can depend on genetics, in that if one parent was a bedwetter or later trained, a child can inherit that tendency. My only advice is not to stress at all about it. The bed mats with alarms are expensive to hire and pull ups are cheaper. When they are able, they just stop wetting the bed at night.

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